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The kingdom of Majapahit was a land and sea power. It had both great agriculture and trade. Basically the Majapahit economy was based on agriculture and maritime trade, it had great organization in trade. Majapahit was divided into two territories, Jangalla down stream and Kadiri up stream. The Jangalla down stream was associated with Rural Communities and the Kadiri Up stream is associated with Aristocratic Domain.
Majapahit had many ports such as Port Bubat on River Brantas, Port Surabaya, Port Gresik and Port Tuban. There are also many other ports but these are the main ones. The most important of all is Port Bubat. This is because many foreign traders stayed there for example from China and India. Most goods being transported were transported by sea or river. There were many Ports to transport from however as I mentioned before the River Brantas was the most common place to transport. Ox carts that can cover a long distance on several caravans took transportation of goods on land. The main things that are traded and transported to
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different places are rice, spices, meat, fish and valuables. On the roads and waterways there were Tolls that collected money just like our modern day highway tolls. Even when Majapahit just started to develop Muslim traders who were from India and Persia were already coming They were from India and Persia. When they came they made trade links to Majapahit. Majapahit focused a lot on controlling and getting more commercial trade that came through Indonesia.
Even though Majapahit had a great trading system they relied on agriculture more then trade because Aristocrats say themselves that they were not traders. Majapahit had strong farming systems like Ladang and Sawah Cultivation. Ladang means farm cultivation and Sawah means rice cultivation.
Majapahit was one of the greatest kingdoms in Indonesia and I think part of that reason was because of their economy, agriculture and trade systems.

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