Majapahit - Leaderships and kings

Majapahit was an indianized kingdom based in eastern Java between 1293 and 1500. The greatest ruler was Hayam Wuruk around 1350 to 1389 marked the empire's peak when it dominated other kingdoms in Southern Malay (Peninsula), Borneo, Sumatra, Bali and the Philippines. It was the last of the great Hindu empires of the Malay Archipelago.

Kertarajasa, als known as Wijaya was the founder of the Majapahit empire. Wijaya ascended the throne as the first king of Majapahit in 1293 AD. Some of his most trusted men set rebellion against the king, but they all died in misery. Wijaya died in 1309 AD. His son, Jayanegara, whose mother was a Malay princess, succeeded him. He was not a good king, because he was willing to take his stepsisters as wifes. He was called "Kala Gemet" or "Weak villain". Jayanegary was murded by his surgeon on 1328 AD. Then the daughter of his stepmother, Tribhuwana, became the queen of Majapahit. During her rule Majapahit grew to be a great kingdom and famous on all the seas on the Archipelago and abroad. She ruled untill her mother's death in 1350 AD. Then her son Hayam Wuruk ascended the throne.

Gajah Mada, an ambitious Majapahit primeminister and regent from 1331 to 1364 AD, extended the empire's rule to include most of the present day Indonesia.
external image temple_Hayam_Wuruk.jpg
This temple is a memory of Hayam Wuruk, the greatest ruler of Majapahit.


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