Melaka " Malacca"

In the early 1300s a Javanese prince named, Parameswara fled to Singapore from Palembang, which is in Java, to escape Javanese enemies. Parameswara fled to the island of Temasik (present-day Singapore) here he made himself King. Soon after he arrived the Siamese pushed him out again. Him and a few followers traveled up to bay and in search of a new refuge. The refugees settled first at Muar, Johor, but they were quickly driven away by heaps of monitor lizards; the second spot chosen also did not seem very pleasent, as the fortress that the refugees began to build fell to ruins immediately, Parameswara moved on. Soon later during a hunt near the mouth of a river called Bertam, he saw a white mouse-deer kick one of his hunting dogs. He was so impressed by the mouse deer's brave gesture that he decided immediately to build a city on the spot. He asked one of his servants to call the city by the name of the tree under which he was resting and, knowing that the tree was called the Melaka tree he gave that name to his city.

In the 1396AD Melaka was established. Melaka started with a few mud huts and turned into a very small fishing village. These mud huts protected Melaka because the "Kingdom of Majaphit " a kingdom from Java, was destroying all shipping ports. This was to make its own the best. When they came to Melaka all they found were some mud huts and a few people. They left in peace, but did they know that about 30+ years, Melaka was going to be the biggest trading seaport in the world. Melaka grew popular when it became a place for refuges who were fleeing to the island of Temasik and Palembang. In 1400s, the township was based on the trading, without it there was no Melaka. There were small huts over looking the harbour. The currency at that time was tin. The people of Melaka were trading tin, resin and jungle produce. Now the chief was a Hindu man.external image 1396.jpg

During the leaders of Melaka, the Chief was the only one that was Hindu. The next was Muhammad Shah who is said to be the first Sultan of Melaka. He was Muslim. Melaka turned from Hindu to Islam, the trade boasted up even more now. Indian traders brought the religion to Melaka, and from their it spread right around Asia. That was one of the great things that came from India was religion. Not many other things came from that area, than trade. Indian traders were one of the first in Melaka setting up quarters to live. The main point India wanted, was to spread the Islamic Religion.

The Chinese also came, in 1403 the first Chinese envoy with Yin Ching. He was a Chinese representative . Soon later in 1407, 'The Chinese Imperial Fleet' under command of Admiral Cheng Ho visits Melaka. Later on in 1411, Parameswara travels to China for power and wealth to visits 'Emperor of China'. Soon later on with the power he gained Parameswara changed his name to Muhammand Shah which made him Islamic and also the new Muslim ruler of Melaka.

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