During the late 1300AD and the early 1400AD till about 1511AD, Melaka was the biggest shipping port in the world at that time. Melaka had traders, Merchants, and everyday people living and working in Melaka. Melaka was in the middle of the Straits of Melaka, which made it a huge shipping port because it was a large shipping route from East Asia to West Asia. Ships of all shapes and sizes were all tied up at Melaka. There were all different laugugages spoken and all different types of cultures living in the same areamalacca1500.gif.

During the Golden Age of Melaka, the Melakan empire expaneded at lot. They got alot of land. Due to that they had made allies, and with this expaneded their empire. This also made shipping merchants a harder trarget for pirates, because that Melaka had so many allies they created there own small navy to fight and worn off the pirates. This created a less preassure on the traders of Melaka.

The many things that drove Melaka on, was that there came a lot of trade and people. Many other things came through Melaka, trade, language, food, allies and religion. These were the many things that made Melaka a large sea port.

Other main things about Economy was that there were a lot of farms and ocherds. These were a large income and affect to economy too. These products were food and power for the Melaka people. This would also have made people less hungry, it would also have been used for trade, and this would have boosted their economy.

Trade from all different nations and kingdoms would have made a lot more, and the more trade you have the more money you get. More money for the government made it easier to create a larger port and it could have more and more ships in it all at once. Also it would have spread more and more knowledge to other people around the globe and a lot in Asia.

Soon after this was done, it got out to the Portuguese, and they heard this and so they came and attacked in 1511AD.

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