Melaka Leaders

There were many great rulers in the city of Melaka, the first was a man called Muhammad Shah. He was a man that wanted power and needed it fast. He made many trips to, and back from China to gain power and recognition. We were said by a legend that he was the first, but it all depends on which legend you look at. The legend said that he came from Singapore and he was sitting under a tree and when asked the name of this tree he answered, "Melaka or Malacca". The king then settled there. Muhammad Shah, soon converted to Islam. He was the first Muslim ruler to rule over the Malays. He also had a son, his son was named Lskandar Shah. When Muhammad Shah died in 1414CE, his son took over and also continued to make trips to China.Islammlk.jpg

Raja Kasim was the second ruler over the large city of Melaka. He was a great man, he was the first to stop going to China, but send envoys instead. Soon after he was ruler, Raja Kasim changed his name to, Mudzafar Shah. During his ruling he did many great things for Melaka. He made war on little hamlets along the coast and soon after he went inland. He conquered many of the modern day states of Pahang, Kampar in Perk, Siak and Indragiri. He created a new Melaka and this was the height of Melaka and this was called the Golden Age of Melaka. During this time the township had Javanese, Tamils and Burmese traders setting up quarters. These shot up very fast, due to Melaka was now a trading city. Mudzafar Shah died in 1459CE.

Raja Abdullah was the third ruler over a large trading city of Melaka. He also was a great conquer and made the borders of Melaka span far and wide. During his time on the throne, Rajia Abdullah made great conquests and this brought out heroes. During his time he changed his name to, Sultan Mansur Shah. In 1460CE, Melaka had been transformed from a small primitive village and a semi-aboriginal village to a fringe of houses along the sea and riverfronts backed by orchards and rice fields. The next height of Melaka was in 1460, the town was now a bustling cosmopolitan seaport town. People in the town describe the government as stern, sever and corrupt. Every law made was broken daily, all but one rule. This rule stated that no one could raise their hand against the king. Many Heroes came out of the war plans that Sultan Mansur Shah, had set up. When Sultan Mansur Shah broke out war on other nations, this was a terrible thing that could happen towards the growth of Melaka. Because of the war that he started it put a lot of pressure onto the traders and seamen of Melaka and also the ships coming in and out.

When the west started hearing about Melaka as a trading port and a good place to set up trade in the east. The Portuguese were the first to travel down to Melaka, when they arrived they found a large city of many foreign settlers who were rising up against their leaders. This was the first time ever that this has happened, to rise up against the king. So in 1511AD the Portuguese invaded Melaka and took control after the first attack failed. When Sultan Mansur Shah heard of this he and his son fled to the upper states of nower day Kedah. Here Sultan Mansur Shah and he son were killed in 1511CE.

Soon after the Portuguese rule, Melaka had ruled much of land which is called these days the Peninsula Malaysia from Kedah in the north to Patani in the south, this rule had lasted over one hundred years.


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