The first King that found and build Melaka was Parameswara who fled to Melaka in early 1300sAD. He first went to modern day Singapore and after made his way to Melaka. When he came there, there was no one, so he created a new kingdom named Melaka. He then made the religion Hindu because he himself was a Hindu believer. Soon after that, the religion changed, because the indian traders came to Melaka.laksmi.jpg

Then when the port was built, a lot of different kinds of kingdoms came to Melaka to trade with other kingdoms. One of the first kingdoms were the Indians. When they first came to Melaka, Melaka was a small seaport but soon it grew bigger because of the many people trading there. This was creating a new port on a good location. Toward the end there were many diffrent cultures and societies trading in the Melaka sea port.

The Indians were one of the first people that came to Melaka, the early 1400s. They came in small numbers and in small merchant ships. They also brought the religion Islam with them. Islam, they said, came from India, and they brought it around Asia. From Melaka Islam was spread all over Asia. Over time more and more Indian people came for trade to Melaka and set up quarters.

Islam brought a new impact to Melaka, the government changed a lot, and because of this society began to change very fast. They set up a Islamic government which affected many traders. The Javanese people came at around the same time as the Indians came. They already had the religion Islam with them, which made Melaka a large port due to Islam.

Islam, which is based on the Qur'an. The Qur'an is a holy book, which mentions about the god’s last prophet and he was called Muhammad. The followers were called Muslims and they believed that Prophet Muhammad would show them the way to life. Under the leadership of Muhammad and his successors, Islam rapidly spread by religious conversion and military conquest. It was then brought to India, which let it to Melaka.


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