From about 150 BC to 150 AD most of South East Asia came under the influence of China and India. The Chinese and the Indians started to migrate over through the Indo-Chinese peninsula, for example the ancestors of the Tai, Lao, and Shan all had Chinese ancestors and lived along the Chinese border. Along with the people came ideas from all parts of the countries. Writing was adapted from Southern India and then theexternal image siam-dance-175.jpg Siamese later created the own script for their language.

Cultural Diffusion from India
India India had a large impact on the Siamese culture. One of the major factors that allowed India to be in Siam was because they didn't apply any physical force. This made the people of Siam more inclined to listen. Additionally, India didn't send soldiers, they sent missionaries. Around this time, India was expanding east towards Siam, Cambodia, Burma, and Malaysia among other countries. One thing that the people of Siam still use is the script that came from southern India. Other things that the Siamese adapted from the Indians were dance, music, and drama. The Siamese judicial system was also brought over from the Indians, which is called Manusmitri.

Cultural Diffusion to South-East Asia
During the Sukhothai period was when the Siam attempted to spread their culture, and especially religion to their neighboring countries. The Siam were successful, and influenced most of south-east Asia and spread their religion
of Theravada Buddhism.

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